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Overview of the Head and Neck Cancer Centre London

Our team consists of specialists in all the areas of Head and Neck Cancer who enjoy national and in some cases international status. The world class facilities of London Bridge Hospital are used to optimise the skills of this team in treating the patient’s condition.

We understand particularly if patients are travelling long distances the need to complete investigations as soon as possible. We therefore aim (providing the patient does not need an operation) to complete all investigations in one day.

Any patient requiring major cancer treatment is subject to a discussion in a multidisciplinary meeting, including input from Histopathologists and other interested parties. Furthermore, all outcomes are carefully audited.

We aim to offer world class cutting edge treatment and at the same time are also very empathetic to the needs of the head and neck cancer patient. We are supported by a team of counsellors, dieticians, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and specialist dentists.

Apart from modelling the service on the best aspects of NHS cancer services the team have also travelled to a number of other countries in Europe and North America to formulate what they feel is the most effective system to manage head and neck cancer.

Members of the Head and Neck Team are extensively involved in research.

Current projects include:

  • Human papilloma virus and oral cancer
  • Lapatinib in the treatment of head and neck cancer (an epidermal growth factor inhibitor)
  • Sentinel node biopsy in oral squamous carcinoma
  • Transforming growth factor and osteoradionecrosis