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Thyroid Cancer Surgery, London

Surgery is the main method of thyroid cancer treatment and will involve the possibility of the surgeon removing all or part of the thyroid.

Below are the different types of thyroid cancer surgeries:

Lobectomy - Follicular or papillary thyroid cancer surgery may involve having only part of the thyroid removed. The surgeon will remove one lobe and the isthmus (The central part of the thyroid gland that joins the two lateral lobes.)
Individuals who have a lobectomy will at a later stage have a second surgery to remove the rest of the thyroid

Total Thyroidectomy - complete removal of the entire thyroid through an incision in the neck

Less often, the remaining thyroid tissue is destroyed by either:

• Chemotherapy
• External Radiation Therapy
• Radioactive Iodine Therapy
• Thyroid Hormone Treatment